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Save 50% on a one-year subscription to AMA ePrescribe, a yearly savings of up to $120.00.

There is still time to obtain your 2011 1% incentive payment and avoid the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 2013 penalty of 1.5% on total allowed Medicare charges by accurately reporting the eprescribing G-code G8553 at least 25 times for Medicare office visits and other applicable services.

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AMA ePrescribe powered by Allscripts

AMA ePrescribe is an electronic prescribing tool using Allscripts e-prescribing technology. AMA ePrescribe helps physicians generate secure electronic prescriptions to pharmacies and check for harmful drug interactions and allergy reactions, as well as real-time notification of insurance formulary status from leading payers, plans and pharmacy benefits managers.


  • Prior adverse reaction checks
  • Interfaces with PM System
  • Duplicate therapy checks
  • Dosage checks
  • Drug to drug interaction checks
  • Generic equivalent availability
  • Electronic transmission to pharmacy

* Offer expires on December 15, 2011. For complete information about the CMS e-prescribing program, including exceptions, visit www.cms.gov.

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