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February 2012
AMA Releases Health IT Tutorials for Physician Practices
Electronic Prescribing
Case Study: Pathway to Physician-Centric Patient Care
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January 2012
Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs
Stage 2 Meaningful Use Delay
Case Study: AMAGINE Community Portal
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December 2011
Version 5010 Electronic Administrative Transactions
Navigating the HIPAA and Health IT Deadlines, Penalties, and Incentives
AMAGINE Community Portal Experience
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November 2011
2012 Medicare e-Prescribing Penalty Program
Is a Modular EHR Approach Right for You?
Case Study: Electronic Health Record
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October 2011
Proposed New Rules for Accountable Care Organizations
Health IT: Necessary to Meet the Goals of the ACO
Case Study: Clinical Support Tools
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September 2011
$400 Million in Meaningful Use Incentives Paid to Physicians & Hospitals
E-Prescribing Incentives and Meaningful Use
AMAGINE Practice Assessment
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August 2011
HHS Advisory Panel Recommends Delaying Stage 2 Meaningful Use until 2014
The Modular Approach to EHR Implementation
EHR Case Study
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July 2011
AMA offers free online tutorials on adopting health IT
Understanding Meaningful Use Criteria
E-Prescribe Case Study
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