Practice Assessment

Click to take the online health IT practice assessment

The practice assessment is a 5-minute, online questionnaire that provides our account management team key information regarding your practice's current health IT. The account managers will utilize your responses to determine the best possible health IT strategy for your practice. Our team can then review the available solutions that suit your practice needs and guide you and your practice through the decision process and implementation of the selected solutions.

Key features of the assessment include:

  • Personalized service: We assign an account manager to your practice and ask questions about your specific situation, challenges and needs.
  • Facilitated experience: We don't just tell you what steps to go through; we actually guide you through those steps, based on our experience and expertise.
  • Actionable focused results: Recommendations will include specific actions you can take to move to the next step, as well as solutions that will meet your unique needs.
  • Defining a cost range: We'll estimate your expected costs, risks and return on investments.

How to Begin

Start with a 5 minute online questionnaire. After you submit the questionnaire, an AT&T Healthcare Community Online/AMAGINE account manager will contact you to further discuss your responses, and begin to make health IT recommendations and review appropriate solutions.