Finding Health IT That Suits Your Practice

Even within the same solution category, health IT products differ in important ways. While subtle at first, these differences can have a major impact on the success of your implementation plan. In short, the features of your products must fit the needs of your practice.

Recent studies show how EHR systems affect productivity in small practices. This data suggests that the degree of improvement had more to do with the amount of internal preparation prior to implementation than with the system itself. Those practices with the best understanding of their specific workflow had better success with adopting EMR systems. To ensure this happens, a comprehensive look at workflow needs to be done before implementation.5

5 American Medical News

Large vs. Small Practice Systems
Many vendors have begun to shift toward a “one-size-fits-all” model in order to meet the rising demand of practices wishing to qualify for incentive programs and avoid penalties.

However, these standardized products are often better suited for the workflow of hospitals or large practices. Applied to the workflow of a small specialty practice, these same products could prove ineffective or worse. Software designed for the needs of a 200-bed hospital’s accounting department could easily overwhelm the administrative staff of a family physician’s practice.

To strike the right balance, small practices must first carefully assess their health IT needs.

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