Certified Meaningful Use Products

To obtain meaningful use incentives, practices can use certified EMR/EHR complete solutions or solutions that are made up of certified modular components electronic health records, patient registries and e-prescribing. The AMAGINE™ portal offers both types of solutions to help meet your needs. Available via the internet on a subscription basis, each tool can be accessed through the AMAGINE physician portal. Call us today at (800) 262-0411 to discuss these solutions or take a practice assessment.

To learn more about Meaningful Use Criteria, download our information brochure.

Collects accurate and comprehensive clinical data at the point-of-care while giving you quick access to patient health records, e-prescribing, lab results and more. Read more >

Care360® EHR
Care360® EHR is a modular, web-based model that allows physicians to transition key activities from paper to electronic in a step-wise approach. Care360 EHR has a range of capabilities including electronic lab order management, clinical messaging, e-prescribing, clinical documentation tools, document management and multi-system interoperability. Read more >

WellCentive EHR-M
WellCentive EHR-M is a Meaningful Use certified cost-effective, Web-based Clinical & Business Intelligence solution that is customizable and scalable. WellCentive EHR-M interfaces seamlessly with lab, hospital, billing, clinical data repository, e-prescribing, EMR, Health Information Exchange, and payer information systems and databases. With WellCentive EHR-M, you can:
  1. Aggregate clinical and administrative data from multiple sources
  2. Analyze data from various views patient-specific, disease-specific, or population-specific
  3. Produce reports with a wide variety of data visualization tools
  4. Leverage resulting insights to proactively communicate with patients, increasing patient engagement and compliance

Ingenix CareTracker™
Delivers quick updates, reliable accessibility, complete global content, and connections to labs, pharmacies and hospitals. 2011 CCHIT®-certified. Read more >

Combining the Rcopia e-prescribing application with a national patient registry, this ONC-ATB certified product from DrFirst provides a comprehensive set of reporting tools for tracking and reporting on preventive care and chronic disease measures. Read more >

DocSite EHR-MU
Used to manage chronic, complex and preventive health needs for individual patients or entire patient populations, DocSite Registry graphically organizes relevant clinical information from the patient record, allowing you to see the patient's history and health status at a glance. DocSite EHR-MU, the ONC-ATB certified version of DocSite can be paired with a certified e-prescribing application to seek meaningful use incentives. Read more >