Available via the Internet on a subscription basis, these e-prescribing tools can provide for improved quality of care, safety, and efficiency at your office. Click here to request a quote or call us today at (800) 262-0411.

E-Prescribing Summary
2011 Clinician’s Guide to E-Prescribing

DrFirst Rcopia
Streamline practice workflow with this award-winning electronic prescription management system, which includes clinical alerts, formulary checking and decision support tools. Provide a higher level of patient service and safety while saving time and money. Read more >

Care360® Labs & Meds
Use your PC, laptop, iPhone® or smartphone to access a patient's labs or other clinical information online, send and print scripts, handle refills and act upon FDA alerts. Read more >

AMAGINE™ ePrescribing (powered by Allscripts)
Send prescriptions to pharmacies instantly, helping you improve patient care, simplify office workflow and qualify for certain incentive payments. Provides instant checks on drug interactions, dosage levels and adverse reactions. Read more >